World's most popular fabric

World's most popular fabric

What is the world's most popular fabric ?

Currently, many fabrics roam our earth, however, one remains superior: cotton. 

Cotton is soft and delicate on the skin. Unlike other fabrics, it does not trap our skin from the light breeze that surrounds us; instead, it allows us to feel the whisps of air blow through the fabric, maximizing comfort. 

This fabric is derived from a thirsty crop. It requires over 2000 liters of water to manufacture only one cotton T-shirt damaging our precious environment. This idealogy concerns cotton that is not organic, as they endure stages wherein the crop is fertilized and covered with pesticides. These pesticides end up in the oceans which damages marine life. This is why we offer organic cotton through BravaFabrics. 

BravaFabrics is a clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Production takes place in Portugal as the 100% organic certified cotton goes through multiple processes to produce the pieces that you can view and purchase on our store.


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