History Of White T-Shirts


"White T-Shirts" - From underwear to fashion styles.

During the 1800, T-shirts were considered only to be weared as underwear.
T-shirts are wellknown as a peice of garment, short sleeve, 
No Collar, No Buttons, and No Pockets.


* Late 19th century, British sailors had begun to wear white flannel T-shirts under their woollen uniforms. The British Royal Navy began allowing their sailors to wear undershirts when working on deck (Photo below). T-shirts  was quickly adopted by working-class men as outerwear on the weekends.

 * In 1901, The P.H. Hanes Knitting Company began producing T-shirts as men’s underwear.

 * In 1910, Fruit of the Loom began marketing T-shirts on a large scale.

*  In 1930s, T-shirts were standard for college sportsmen.

* During the Second World War, the US Army and Navy were issuing white, short-sleeved, cotton T-shirts to their troops.


T-shirts from underwear to outerwear

 * In 1950s & 1960s, T-shirt’s inherented sex appeal and was first picked up by actresses and singers. Marlon Brando wrore in The Wild One (1953) (Photo Below). James Dean, in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) (Photo Below).

 Today, it is difficult to beleive anybody still doesn't own at least one white T-shirt.

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